Stengel Seed & Grain

14698 State Hwy 15

Milbank, SD 57252

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Company History

Holding grains.

Stengel Seed and Grain is a 40 year-old family business owned by brothers Doug Stengel and Tim Stengel. They clean all types of grain and beans for the organic food industry. With six cleaning lines and four color sorters, the company can run different products simultaneously to efficiently meet the needs of customers.

Stengels' father and grandfather began grain cleaning their seeds while farming. While the process of cleaning grain has not changed greatly over the last 100 years, the equipment used has been improved, incorporating modern technology.

Modern food industry requires near perfection in product purity. This often requires very specialized equipment to achieve the purities the toll customers require. Stengel Grain frequently builds customer specific machinery to meet the customers' needs.

Our Process

picture of oat grains

Growers in the Midwest and Canada truck their grain to Stengel Seed and Grain plant near Milbank, SD. The product is cleaned and packaged according to customer specifications in sizes of 25 lb., 50 lb., 66 lb.,  25 kg., 30 kg up to 1,000 kg totes or true bulk loads. Orders ship by truck domestically in the U.S. and in overseas containers to Europe and Japan.



Stengel Seed and Grain hires and retains excellent employees who develop skills in specific areas and develop relationships with customers over a period of many years.  

  • Doug Stengel-CEO
  • Renae Taylor-Office Manager
  • Andrea Bohn-Quality Assurance Manager/PCQ1
  • Mike Robertson-Plant Manager
  • Drew Tschakert-Bean & Barley Plant Manager
  • Harlan Bohn-Warehouse Manager
  • Tim Lindgren-Warehouse & Packaging
  • Nick Steltz-General Operations
  • Sara Will -Quality Control
  • Sean Hyatt-General Operations
  • Nathan Stengel-General Operations

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Send us an Email message or contact us via telephone during 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Office: 605.432.6030

Fax: 605.432.6064

Office Email:

Doug Stengel:

Andrea Bohn:

Stengel Seed and Grain

14698 State Hwy 15, Milbank, South Dakota 57252, United States


Product List


Cleaning Services Provided

Lentils-all varieties, decortication available.
Barley-hulled and pearled traceable to the organic farm field level to insure quality control.
Edible beans-great northern, adzuki, white, red kidney, black, red, navy, pinto.
Cereal grains-wheat, rye, ancient cereals dehulled/whole.
Peas-green and yellow, whole or split.
Sorghum-whole, hulled, pearled, or cracked.
Corn-white, blue, and yellow.
Flax-both brown and golden varieties.
Possibly other products by request and mutual agreement. 

The Latest News

Our business continues to grow and as such, we continue to add additional processing and cleaning lines, which also indicates a need for additional building space. In recent years we have added plant space on a regular basis. 

In 2017, an additional warehouse was built, including a fine dirt removal machine and an additional color sorter.

In 2018, a building addition for extra finishing space including a color sorter & packaging area was built.


  1. What are your docking hours?  Trucks can load/unload between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CT, Monday through Thursday. Friday docking hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  2. Are you open on holidays? No, we are closed for all national holidays.
  3. Do you have truck parking available for overnights? No overnight parking is permitted.